The board of directors is proud to announce…

The board of directors is proud to announce Shawn Allee as our next Mizzou BSU Director.


Shawn is coming to us from First Baptist Church of Trenton (MO), where he has been serving as a Student (Youth) Pastor. He has a Bachelor of Science in Youth and Family Ministry from Central Christian College of the Bible, and a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Andersonville Theological Seminary. Shawn and his wife, Elise, have three children–Caden (6), Naomi (4), and Emelia (6 months).

About the transition in his ministry calling, Shawn says, “Looking back at my own experience within college, I felt that is really where I figured out who I was. There are not many times in a person’s life that they ‘find’ themselves but college is one of those pivotal seasons in an individual’s life. I feel that the Lord has called me to be used in such a way to help influence, for Christ, these young adults for the Lord.”

An official start date and transition timeline are still being worked out, but we are looking forward to having Shawn on campus before the end of the semester. Please join us all in welcoming Shawn Allee and his family into our BSU family.


Director Search Update

Dear BSU family–

Over the last several months, the BSU Board of Directors has been conducting a search for our next BSU Director. During this time, we have had the opportunity to meet with several wonderful candidates, which did not make this an easy task. In the end, this was a decision that was considered very prayerfully and we are excited to share with you that we have extended an offer and that offer has been accepted. Stay tuned for more details and a proper introduction to our new Director.

We’d like to also take a moment to say THANK YOU to Eric and Jennifer Briner, for their hard work and dedication to our ministry this past year. They have such a heart for college ministry. We so appreciate them sharing their many gifts and talents with us.

Please continue to pray for the BSU, our students and staff as we navigate this transition.

Dear Friends and Alumni

Like many of you, I am a former MU student with fond memories of my time spent at the BSU. I still remember walking through the doors as a freshman during Welcome Week and knowing I’d found a place of community that would make the overwhelming college experience a little easier. At the BSU, I was able to grow in faith and knowledge because of the relationships I made and fellowship and study I was involved with.

Fast forward 20 years… I find myself back at the BSU, in a different role as a board member. I enjoy interacting with current students and seeing them engaged and building relationships at the BSU much the same way I did. They are plugging into Bible studies, building strong bonds with their peers and being filled with the spirit of Christ at “RealLife” worship on Thursday nights. I have been so impressed with the spiritual growth in many of our students this semester. It is so important to have this ministry be the presence of Christ in the heart of campus.

I have also been blessed to be involved with such a committed board that has volunteered so much time, effort and capital this past year. They have poured their talents and heart into making the BSU the best it can be with an aging building and limited funds. Although 2016 has been challenging with leadership transitions, turmoil on campus, and many maintenance issues, I feel very hopeful for 2017. I’m sure God will continue to bless us and supply our needs as we build this ministry for present and future students. We are excited by the work our interim directors, Eric and Jennifer Briner, have been doing, as well as our 3 associate campus ministers and one intern. This past semester they have been building bonds with local churches, expanding our ministry to other campuses, seizing opportunities for missions and building discipleship programs and life groups for students.

Thank you all for your financial support and prayers this past year. As stated in the last newsletter, we have been striving to be even better stewards with the funds you so graciously provide. The board has been shifting more funds into ministry and maintenance to ensure we have the best programming and facilities we can provide. Unfortunately our needs are great. We still need $43,000 in December to meet our operational budget needs for 2016. We also have a capital campaign to replace our HVAC system, which is 30 years old, inefficient, and requires frequent maintenance. The entire HVAC replacement totals $165,000 and will be done in stages as we receive funding. We have been blessed to have already raised $25,000 and have recently replaced one of our main units.

Prayerfully consider a financial gift this Christmas season to the BSU. Your contributions will be a tremendous blessing to the ministry. With your help we can make “our” BSU strong and successful for future generations of students.


Steven Sapp, President, Mizzou BSU Board of Directors

Finals Week


Twas the night before finals, and all through the college,
The students were praying for last minute knowledge.
Most were quite sleepy, but none touched their beds,
While visions of essays danced in their heads…

The end of the semester is fast approaching for our students. This is the last week of classes before the dreaded FINALS. The BSU becomes a safe haven for students during this week. It is open 24/7 and has an endless stream of food, stress relieving activities and quiet spaces.

Pray for our students, staff, and busy baristas during this sleep deprived time.

Giving Tuesday


Did you know that… Mizzou BSU is primarily a donor supported ministry. Convinced of the growing, on-going need for ministry on this campus and committed to faithful stewardship, Mizzou BSU for Tomorrow’s Leaders has turned to friends and alumni like you for financial support. Many of you answered the call to support our work, and to this, we are grateful. To those of you who have yet to take that first step towards becoming a donor, we’d like to encourage you to consider the impact that this ministry has had in your life and/or could have in the lives of current and future Mizzou students.

Every gift, no matter how large or small, continues to make a difference in the spiritual lives of college students.

Click here to make your online donation.